Levels, Attributes, and Limits
  • A total of 5 visually different 3D NFT”s are released. Lower level NFT’s will give fewer benefits/priorities than higher-level NFT’s.
  • The initial hard cap for the total amount of mintable NFT’s is 3000. The higher the level, the rarer the NFT. These limitations can be adjusted in the future to fit the NFT system into the growing needs of the ecosystem and the rising amount of MONSTA holders.

LVL1 (1000), LVL2 (800), LVL3 (600), LVL4 (400), VL5 (200, MINTING STOPPED)

  • A snapshot before the official release will record the amount of MONSTA a wallet holds and burn this value into the minted NFT. Its called the PLA or Power Level Attribute and can be seen as a coefficient for future benefits. People will want to have a high PLA for their NFT to get better rewards/benefits and therefore make their NFT highly valuable. A high PLA would make the NFT itself more valuable on the NFT market.
  • You can only mint one NFT of each level per wallet.
  • Minting a higher level NFT will automatically allow you to mint all NFT’s from the levels below. This does not apply for airdropped NFT’s. Airdropped NFT’s are minted based on the last airdrop you claimed and all other NFT’s have to be claimed by holding the specified amount of MONSTA.
  • Inactivity Tax will be limited to a total of 50 per day to mitigate selling pressure and to be more forgiving for holders. Some holders will have a little more time to get out of the inactivity. This limit can be adjusted.
  • Benefits (besides Inactivity Tax) can not be stacked in one wallet.