If you claimed the airdrop(s) after $MONSTA launch you will be able to claim your respective NFT without the need to hold $MONSTA depending on the threshold specified below.
    You have to have at least the same amount of airdropped MONSTA in your wallet as you had upon your LAST claimed airdrop.
    You still need to activate the applied NFT benefits by reaching the specified threshold of MONSTA holdings dependent on the NFT level you own.
    You can only claim the NFT for the last airdrop that you claimed. The other NFT's are subject to the specified threshold below and you need to hold a specific amount of MONSTA to claim them.

Everyone else

    If you did not claim any airdrops you have to hold a certain percentage of MONSTA supply in your wallet to claim the respective NFT's and hold it to keep the benefits active.


The supply based system consists of the following rules
    Must hold a minimum percentage of MONSTA supply Level 1–0.0125% Level 2–0.025% Level 3–0.05% Level 4–0.075% Level 5–0.10%
Check the Cake Monster holder list and percentages here​
    Calculations will be done for you on the NFT dashboard​
    Benefits will become inactive if your MONSTA holdings fall below the specified thresholds, but lower-level benefits will become active instead. You can activate them if you reach the threshold again


    You will be able to claim your Diamond Claw NFT via the dashboard once you met the set criteria
    If you claimed an airdrop NFT, you wont be able to claim other NFT levels if you don't hold enough $MONSTA within the specified threshold
    You will see your NFT’s in the NFT gallery


    You will be able to upgrade your Diamond Claw NFT via the dashboard once you met the set criteria.
    You will keep the lower level NFT
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