The following protocol functions are directly affected by the NFT system:
  • Kitchen Management (prioritized access to bake in the kitchen and earn rewards)
  • Inactivity Tax (exclusive access to earn commission on inactive wallets)
Breaking down the general accessibility to NFT and MONSTA holders will ensure:
  • a fairer distribution of protocol management rewards
  • to give bots a hard time (empty wallets are now locked out, so even if someone wants to set up bots, he would need to generate volume and hold MONSTA, plus move these funds around to other wallets to get around the manager queue
  • happier holders (since your rewards are not being stolen by bots anymore, we will see much more happy people in the chats and social media to spread the word)
  • to incentivize holding of MONSTA (No MONSTA in your wallet, no benefits)
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