Gravity Vault (CAKE & MONSTA)
For holding $MONSTA at the end of each deflationary cycle, holders can earn a share of the Gravity Vault!
When the minimum supply of 1,000,000 MONSTA is reached, holders can claim their "Slice" from the CAKE Gravity Vault. They have 35 days to do this and all trading is halted during that claiming period. Time for a vacation!
  • After 35 days, the protocol is relaunched, and the cooking starts all over again.
  • Any unclaimed CAKE will be used to kickstart the next cycle and fill up the now empty Gravity Vault!
  • Upon claiming all MONSTA tokens in the bearer wallet will be swapped for the CAKE from the Gravity Vault and will be burned hereafter.
  • Unclaimed CAKE stays in the contract and will be used to support the upcoming protocol cycle.
  • All MONSTA that a holder swapped for the CAKE Slice will be reminted to the holder once the new protocol is restarted.
Last modified 4mo ago
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