Diamond Claw NFTs
Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT holders are able to get CAKE dividends, earned by the CAKE Gravity Vault from staking in the PancakeSwap Syrup pool!
All holders with an active Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT are able to earn dividends from the CAKE Gravity Vault staking rewards (75% of all staking rewards). To acquire a Level 5 NFT you can buy one on TOFU, a NFT marketplace. All unclaimed Diamond Claw Level 5 dividends are added to the Lottery. Click here to check how to activate your Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT. Once you have it active, you simply have to opt-in and press 'Start Earning' on the dAPP and your NFT will start accumulating CAKE rewards from the staking reward pool.
Start Earning frequent CAKE Dividends
Rewards become claimable every 3 days in which dividends are accumulating. You will be able to claim your CAKE dividends within the next 3 days until a new dividend payout becomes available. Each wallet can only have 1 NFT active. If you missed your claim period, you have to opt-in again for you to start earning again!
Check the info on your NFT.
Find more info in our medium article!
Gravity Vault Staking Is… Live!
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