MONSTA holders earn a share of the asset vaults at the end of each deflationary cycle.
When the minimum supply of 1 million MONSTA is reached or 2 years have passed since the start of the cycle, holders can claim their "Slice" from the Multi-Asset Vault (MAV). They will have 35 days to do this and all trading is halted during that period.
  • After 35 days, the protocol is relaunched, and a new cycle starts
  • Any unclaimed rewards will be used to kickstart the next cycle and fill up the Multi-Asset Vault (MAV)again
  • Upon claiming all MONSTA tokens in the bearers wallet will be swapped for the assets from the Multi-Asset Vault (MAV) and will be burned hereafter
  • Unclaimed vault rewards stay in the vault contract and will be used for the new cycle
  • All MONSTA that a holder swapped for the vault assets will be reminted to the holder once the new cycle starts