Community Voting
You can vote on Cake Monster proposals to shape the future of the protocol
Voting gives $MONSTA holders a say in the future design and direction of the protocol. It is very important to us to give the Cake Monster community a voice when it comes to important decisions and changes that we propose.
You can use your MONSTA to vote on proposals that we publish. It doesn't cost you anything, you are simply using your MONSTA as voting power and sign your vote on the blockchain.
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Most proposals will be set up with a voting power based system, whereby the more MONSTA you hold the more voting power you will have. This ensures that users who take bigger financial risks have the opportunity to help make important decisions in their vested interest.
We are planning to let our community discuss and submit proposals that have the potential to be published and rewarded in the future!
Feature request can already be made via the hellonext platform. If a feature request proposes a change on our smart contract or requires to write an additional smart contract and if we reviewed/approved, it will be subject to a community vote.
Other changes like feature additions or improvements on UX level will be subject to the development roadmap and might be added as "review" and if the change is useful/possible to "planned" and "in progress".
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