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    Who is the Team and are they doxxed?
    • Our core smart contract developer is BitByTheByte. The team has gone through certain private KYCs so that we can collaborate or do business with credible projects like Starter, Flooz, Btok, Coinzilla, or Chainlink in the first place.
      However, we are not publicly 'doxxed' and have no plans to become so, while we transform Cake Monster into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) over time, which includes multi-signature access and time locks for protocol upgrades as one of the first steps towards decentralization of the project.
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    What's the use case of Cake Monster?
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    Is the Liquidity locked?
    • Yes, a portion of the liquidity (BNB/MONSTA) pair is locked via UniCrypt. The remainder is locked in the Cake Monster smart contract. Currently the majority of available liquidity with the BUSD/MONSTA pair is owned by an anonymous contributor. The contributor has locked the liquidity as well via UniCrypt and will renew the lock quarterly.
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    I cant sell/buy. What slippage do I need?
    • Use 6%. If that doesn't work, try 7%. Always try to use whole numbers. So instead of 51402.2 use 50000. In our 'How to Buy MONSTA Video', we show how to get started via MetaMask, TrustWallet or Binance Connect (Bridge).
    • PancakeSwap says: No token found. Let PancakeSwap load to the point where it shows your BNB balance (even if 0) - then paste the contract address into the token field you want to swap to and wait at least 30 seconds to show the result. Try to clear your browser cache and restart your browser.
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    I can't connect my MetaMask wallet via mobile to the dAPP
    • Please use MetaMask's app internal browser
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    What's the address of the smart contract?
  7. 7.
    What's the address of the Vault?
  8. 8.
    What's the address of the Liquidity Pool?
  9. 9.
    What's the address of the Diamond Claw NFT CAKE rewards contract?
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    Why has the #1 holder got so much supply?
    • That's the community wallet. It is used to incentivize growth and development of the Cake Monster ecosystem.
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    • June 19, 2021 on PancakeSwap after pre-sale via Starter and private pre-sale.
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    Are you planning to get listed on a centralized exchange?
    • If there is a centralized exchange that supports the protocol tokenomics we are definitely open to that, but it requires some serious coding on CEX side. If an exchange does not support smart contract functions, it can't comply with protocol tax on transactions nor is it able to support all other smart contract functions. We are looking forward for a hybrid exchange solution in the near future as we are looking for ways to increase accessibly to a wider audience.
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    • 5% on every transaction (sell/buy/transfer). 2.5% goes into the Kitchen Vault to buy assets for the reserve vaults and add liquidity to the LP. The other 2.5% will be burned.
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    Why is the circulating supply increasing?
    • The MONSTA in the deployer/community wallet is considered as locked up supply and therefore out of circulation. In the moment where MONSTA is transferred out of that wallet (for community event rewards, payments etc.), the circulating supply will increase.
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    • This smart contract function ensures continued deflation of MONSTA at all times. Wallets become inactive if their owners do not hit the reset button within 50 days or make a transaction of over 5% of their MONSTA holdings (buy/sell/transfer) within those 50 days. If your wallet is marked inactive, anyone who is eligible can trigger the Inactivity Tax on your MONSTA holdings, which leaves you with 60% of your original MONSTA, while the other 40% is used to buy vault assets (15%) and to be burned (25%).
    • You can reset your wallet easily if you go to our dAPP wallet section and hit the RESET button. This will simply trigger a transfer of 5.01% of your holdings to yourself and applies a tax of 5%. The cost of each reset is 0.25% of your total holdings every 50 days. You can also reset your inactivity timer by buying/selling more than 5% of your MONSTA holdings. Use a calculator or check how much MONSTA the reset button would send to you to find out how much MONSTA is needed for a reset.
    • To find inactive wallets, holders can check the reports section in our dAPP, set the applicable filter and wait for the function to unlock.
    • If you got taxed via the Inactivity Tax, you are eligible for 50 days to get a refund of 10% in bMONSTA (baked coins). Claim your refund here.
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    • This automates the reset process for you. Simply click reset before your inactivity timer reaches 0. This function transfers 5.01% of your MONSTA holdings to yourself and sets your timer back to 50 days. Don't forget to set up your calendar and check back from time to time.
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    • The vaults act as a non-correlated reserve which support the intrinsic value of the MONSTA token by accumulating native BNBChain tokens like BNB or CAKE. Once the min. supply (1 million) is reached or two years have past since the last deflationary cycle started, the reserve asset vaults will open, and all MONSTA holders will get a share of the collected assets depending on their share of MONSTA supply at that time.
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    What is the vault APY and how is it calculated?
    • This is the average annual percentage yield for the asset growth (e.g. CAKE or BNB) of each vault per year. It also shows you how much your slice (cycle reward) is growing per year.
      Relative Formula (live): ("Vault Growth %" (30 days)) / ("Deflation %" (30 days)) - Cost of holding (30 Days) = monthly growth (compounded over 12 months) = Vault APY (relative)
  19. 19.
    What is "Your Slice"?
    • This reflects your share of the reserve asset vaults depending on the amount of MONSTA supply you hold. You can claim your "Slice" once the vaults open, get for example your BNB and CAKE in exchange for your MONSTA. You will get your exchanged MONSTA share back at the start of the upcoming cycle.
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    What will happen to all the liquidity in the LPs when the protocol relaunches?
    • When the protocol relaunches the collected liquidity will be stored in a temporary contract and added back to the LPs for the new cycle.
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    • In the Kitchen MONSTA is accumulated via taxed MONSTA transactions. Once the 'Pancake Sweetness' reaches 100% a holder can MAKE CAKE. This triggers the protocol to convert 90% of the accumulated MONSTA to WBNB and buy the currently active reserve assets for the reserve asset vaults. The remaining is added to the BNB/MONSTA LP. The caller of this function gets a reward of 2% of the accumulated MONSTA in the Kitchen. The manager queue size is 100, which means that a wallet owner has to wait 99 turns until it is eligible to call the kitchen function again.
  22. 22.
    • For holding MONSTA you can earn crumbs every time MONSTA supply deflates by 1%. Once the percentage hits 100% any holder is able to claim crumbs depending on their percentage of holdings from current MONSTA supply. 25% of all accumulated vault assets (during the 1% deflation) will be shared amongst the MONSTA holders.
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    How and where do I get rewards?
  24. 24.
    Do I have to stake my MONSTA to earn Crumb/Slice/Dividend or other rewards?
    • For the Crumbs and Vaults rewards you need to hold MONSTA. Dependent on your percentage share of MONSTA supply, you will be able to claim your rewards from the dAPP. The crumb rewards do not accumulate over time and have to be claimed before the next 1% supply of MONSTA is burned. Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT dividends accumulate over a period of 3 days but they have to be claimed before the next distribution round starts (after 3 days). The Kitchen and the Inactivity Tax rewards are given to the holders that participate in the use of the protocol, and are helping grow the reserves of the asset vaults.
  25. 25.
    How are Crumbscalculated?
    • The total reward for all holders is 25% of each vault's growth since the previous 1% deflation and is shared amongst all holders depending on their percentage share of holdings. The more MONSTA you hold, the more Crumbsyou get.
  26. 26.
    I cant claim my Crumbs, the transactions keep failing.
    • In this case you should manually increase the gas limit for the transaction to 300000.
  27. 27.
    Why is my Diamond Claw not giving me any benefits or rewards?
    • Your NFT needs to be "active". To activate your Diamond Claw NFT, you have to hold a certain amount of MONSTA within a fixed threshold of held supply. Check the requirements for your level here.
  28. 28.
    Is my Diamond Claw NFT useless if I'm not able to activate it?
    • Not at all! Your NFT is part of a limited edition collection. The Diamond Claw NFT collection is upgradable and will always be subject to improvements in the future.
    Hint: As MONSTA supply decreases, the required amount of MONSTA to activate your NFT gets lower over time (approaching cycle end). This means if you hold onto your MONSTA, you will reach a point where your holdings will be enough to get the NFT activated!
  29. 29.
    How can I start earning dividends with my Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT?
    • You must have an active NFT in your wallet and do a onetime opt-in on our dAPP. Find more detailed info here.
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    What's the PLA (Power Level Attribute) on my Diamond Claw NFT or why do I not have a PLA?
    • This NFT attribute will be subject to benefits in the future. TBA. The generation of the PLA was a onetime event based on the amount of MONSTA someone held in their wallet at the time of a snapshot that was taken prior to release of the Diamond Claw NFT collection. Only wallet addresses included in that specific snapshot are subject to mint NFT's with a PLA attribute as long as NFTs are available for minting.