Here you can manage the protocol for the community and earn MONSTA rewards
Each time MONSTA supply decreases by 0.005% the PANCAKE SWEETNESS reaches 100% (can be more than 100% and therefor bigger rewards!) and anyone that qualifies is able to "MAKE" and earn MONSTA rewards! Reaching 100% (or more) means that the kitchen vault is filled up with enough MONSTA through taxed transactions to buy more non-correlated assets for the vaults and add liquidity to the LP!
For the Kitchen feature to work, we need the community to help us!

Baking in the Kitchen

  • When the MONSTA supply has decreased 0.005% (once Pancake Sweetness reached 100%), a Diamond Claw NFT holder can call "MAKE"
  • The holder does this by clicking the "MAKE" button in the DApp
  • The holder is rewarded with 2.5% of the MONSTA collected in the kitchen vault
  • 90% of the MONSTA from the kitchen vault is used to buy assets for the vaults
  • 10% of the MONSTA is used to add liquidity to the liquidity pool
  • The manager queue is 100. This means each wallet that has claimed rewards through the kitchen, has to wait for 99 other managers before it can call this function again
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