Wallet Reset

Resets are used to keep your MONSTA wallet active.
To avoid the Inactivity Tax you need to buy/sell/transfer more than 5% of your wallet balance every 50 days. To make this easy for you, we have an Inactivity Tax timer in the dApp that tells you how long before your wallet will be eligible for the Inactivity Tax. To make it easier still, we also have a "RESET" button, which transfers 5.01% to yourself, so you don't need to do any calculations to get your wallet active again. This function will apply a 5% tax on 5.01% of your holdings, so you only have to pay a total of 0.25% tax on your total wallet holdings every 50 days.


  • You have 1 million MONSTA in your wallet
  • No sell/buy/transfer transaction of more than 5% has been made for 49 days, so you have 1 day left before the Inactivity Tax is due
  • You use the 'RESET' function in our dAPP, which transfers 5.01% to yourself. This will cost you a total of 0.25% of your total MONSTA balance, leaving 997500 MONSTA in your wallet.
  • You now have 50 days before you need to reset your wallet again to prevent taxation for inactivity
If you have been taxed due to inactivity, claim your partial refund of 10% in bMONSTA from the dashboard! If the claim is unsuccessful, please ask for advice in our Telegram Community channel