Wallet Reset
There are greedy monsters out there, trying to cash you out. Stay active! If you got cashed out get in contact with our admins on Telegram to apply for a partial refund.
To avoid the Auto-Cashout you need to buy/sell/transfer more than 5% of your wallet balance every 50 days. To make this easy for you, we have a Auto-Cashout timer in the app that tells you how long before you will be eligible for Auto-Cashout. To make it easier still, we also have a "RESET" button which transfers 5.01% to yourself, so you don't need to do any calculations. This function will apply 5% tax on 5.01% of your holdings, so you only have to pay a total of 0.25% tax on your total wallets holdings.

Wallet Reset Example

    Person A holds 1 million $MONSTA in their wallet
    No sell/buy/transfer transaction of 5%+ has been made for 49 days, so they have 1 day before Auto-Cashout
    Person A clicks the "RESET" button in the app, transfers 5.01% to themselves and pays a total tax of 0.25% on their total $MONSTA holdings
    Person A now has 50 days before they need to reset their wallet again
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