Cashout (MONSTA)
Get active and earn $MONSTA from inactive Monsters!
For every wallet that you cash out, you will earn a $MONSTA commission of 2.5%! But timing is everything! You will be subject to the daily NFT limitations, so plan ahead to get the most out of it!
  • The daily Auto-Cashout Limit is 40 and will be reset every day at 00:00 UTC
  • You can stack up your available Cashouts. So if you hold a Diamond Claw Level 3 NFT (1 Cashout per day) plus a Level 4 NFT (2 Cashouts per day) you will be able to maximum Cashout 3 inactive wallets
  • If you got cashed out, please find advise in our Telegram Community channel! You can easily qualify for a partial refund! Type /cashedout and follow the instructions from the text that you trigger. If you got cashed out, 70% of your MONSTA holdings were bought back from you with BNB by the Cake Monster protocol and will stay in your wallet. More Info on Cashouts here​
Last modified 1mo ago
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