Inactivity Tax
This feature ensures continued deflation and volume farming.
  • The Inactivity Tax adds a 40% penalty on all inactive wallets. A wallet becomes/is deemed inactive when no eligible MONSTA transaction (>5.01%) was performed within 50 calendar days.. See Wallet Reset
  • 25% of the Inactivity Tax is used to burn MONSTA and 15% is used to buy non-correlated assets (e.g. BNB, CAKE) for the asset vaults
  • 5% of the total amount added to the asset vaults is used to buy CAKE for the Eternal Cake Lottery
  • The Inactivity Tax can be performed by anyone who sees the opportunity via the dashboard and is eligible to do so (Diamond Claw NFT holder). Their reward is 2.5% of the inactive wallet's MONSTA balance.
The iTAX function call is limited to 50 for every 6 hours. If all 50 calls are made within 6 hours time, the next 6 hour block will provide another 50 iTAX function calls, and so on. But if for example only 10 calls are made within 6 hours (with 40 left), the limit for the next 6 hour block is only increased back to a total of 50 calls, adding 10.
If you have been taxed due to inactivity, claim your partial refund of 10% in bMONSTA from the dashboard! If the claim is unsuccessful, please ask for advice in our Telegram Community channel
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