This feature ensures continued deflation and volume while softly penalizing inactive holders and reward active holders

*New policy active after community vote since August 25, 2021. Read more here.

Ensuring Deflation

Cake Monster needs to reach its End Supply of 1 million MONSTA for the CAKE Gravity Vault to open and share all the collected $CAKE with $MONSTA holders.

But imagine someone owning $10 million of MONSTA and then losing their wallet keys. We would never be able to reach the final supply of 1 million.

To combat this, we have an Auto-Cashout feature for any wallets that have been inactive for 50 days. This means that if that wallet has NOT made any MONSTA transaction of over 5% of their wallet balance in 50 days, they can experience an Auto-Cashout.


Auto-Cashout converts the current inactive wallet balance of MONSTA for BNB which stays in the holders wallet. The converted $MONSTA is then burned out of the liquidity pool to decrease the MONSTA supply and create scarcity of available MONSTA to buy from the LP.

Auto-Cashout can be performed by anyone who sees the opportunity via the dashboard. Their reward is 2.5% of the inactive wallet's MONSTA balance. The remaining amount is sold for BNB as mentioned above.

Auto-Cashout Example

*New policy active after community vote since August 25, 2021. Read more here.

  • Buy back 70% of an inactive holders MONSTA with BNB from the Liquidity Pool (goes to the inactive wallet in the form of BNB)

  • Buy CAKE worth 20% of an inactive wallet MONSTA holdings, using BNB from the LP and add the $CAKE to the Gravity Vault

  • Mint MONSTA worth 2.5% of an inactive holders $MONSTA and send it to the Cashout callers wallet

  • Leave BNB worth 10% of an inactive holders MONSTA in the LP (7.5% Liquidity β€œaddition”, 2.5% to account for the caller reward)

  • Burn 100% of the converted MONSTA out of the LP