Inactivity Tax
This feature ensures continued deflation and volume while softly penalizing inactive holders and reward active holders
Introducing Inactivity Tax — Completion of further Auto Cashout Optimizations

Inactivity Tax

The Inactivity Tax converts 30% of the current inactive wallet balance of MONSTA for CAKE which is then added to the CAKE Gravity Vault. The equivalent of those 30% of MONSTA is then burned out of the liquidity pool to decrease the MONSTA supply and create scarcity of available MONSTA to buy from the LP.
Inactivity Tax can be performed by anyone who sees the opportunity via the dashboard and is eligible to do so (like active holders of Diamond Claw NFTs). Their reward is 2.5% of the inactive wallet's MONSTA balance.
The iTAX call is limited to 50 for every 6 hours. If all 50 calls are made within 6 hours, the next unlock will provide another 50 iTAX calls etc. But if for example only 10 calls are made within 6 hours (which leaves 40 calls), the limit for the next 6 hour period is only increased back to 50, adding 10 calls.
Check how it all works in detail reading the medium article we have released upon implementation.

Important Note