Inactivity Tax

This feature ensures continued deflation and volume farming.
  • The Inactivity Tax adds a 40% penalty on all inactive wallets. A wallet becomes/is deemed inactive when no eligible MONSTA transaction (>5.01%) was performed within 50 calendar days.. See Wallet Reset
  • 25% of the Inactivity Tax is used to burn MONSTA and 15% is used to buy non-correlated assets (e.g. BNB, CAKE) for the community-owned asset vaults
  • 5% of the total amount added to the asset vaults is used to buy CAKE for the Eternal Cake Lottery
  • The Inactivity Tax can be performed by anyone who sees the opportunity via the dashboard . A reward (2.5% of the inactive wallet's MONSTA balance) is then sent to the Cake Toss pot where it will be distributed amongst players of the next match
The iTAX function call is limited to 50 for every 6 hours. If all 50 calls are made within 6 hours time, the next 6 hour block will provide another 50 iTAX function calls, and so on. But if for example only 10 calls are made within 6 hours (with 40 left), the limit for the next 6 hour block is only increased back to a total of 50 calls, adding 10.
If you have been taxed due to inactivity, claim your partial refund of 10% in bMONSTA from the dashboard! If the claim is unsuccessful, please ask for advice in our Telegram Community channel