Asset Vaults
Our vaults for non-correlated assets are used to reward holders. They add safety and stability by creating a price floor, which supports the intrinsic value of MONSTA during a cycle
Accumulated assets (see Kitchen and Inactivity Tax) are stored in their specific vaults. Our asset vaults are the value backing reward reserves of the Cake Monster protocol. By the time MONSTA reaches either its programmed end supply of 1 million tokens or if two years have passed since the start of a cycle, all MONSTA holders can get rewarded with the accumulated assets from our vaults. See Featured Rewards

How It Works

  • A part of the collected transaction fee (2.5%) is used to buy non-correlated assets like BNB or CAKE
  • 90% of this 2.5% transaction tax is used to buy the non-correlated asset through the temporary kitchen vault (triggered by Diamond Claw NFT holder through the Kitchen). The remaining 10% is used to add MONSTA and WBNB to the liquidity pool
  • The asset is continually added to the vault during each deflationary cycle
  • When the programmed end supply of MONSTA is reached (1 million) or two years of each cycle have passed, the vault assets will be distributed to MONSTA holders proportional to their percentage of holdings from total supply at that time
  • Holders must manually claim their portion of the accumulated assets from the dApp and they will have 35 days to do so. Unclaimed rewards will be rolled over to the next cycle, and will be added back to their specific vaults
  • Once the protocol has relaunched with the liquidity from the previous cycle, everyone that earned rewards from the vault will get their percentage share of MONSTA minted back for the new cycle
All parameters are subject to change in the future.
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